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OursID : your OpenID provider adds support for Android & Jabber

OursID is a OpenID provider that allows you to create and manage multiple identities.

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OursID is a OpenID provider that allows you to create and manage multiple identities.

We've recently added in OursID a new feature that allows you to login with your OpenID identities without entering any password. To do so, you can either use an Android phone or a Jabber client to confirm OpenID authentication requests without logging in to the website. The main purpose of this feature is to keep your password secure when you use your OpenID identities on untrusted computers.

Here are some details about the two technologies currently supported:

  • Jabber : First, you need to register a JabberID on your OursID account page to enable notifications. Then, you'll be notified of OpenID requests via Jabber messages. Just answer 'yes' or 'no' to accept or refuse requests.
  • Android 2.2 : The Android GrizzlID application allows you to manage pending OpenID requests from your phone. Support for notifications (optional) need to have an "Android with Google" device, which allows C2DM push notifications. Notifications (optional) are supported and enabled by default on Google branded devices ("Android with Google").


The source code for this application can be found on GithUb . GrizzlID Android application also offers an experimental feature to handle OAuth (v1) authentication requests with an android-powered device. A common usage is the "Sign in with Twitter" button. First, you will need to add our bookmarklet to your bookmarks. Then, on a OAuth authorization page, click on the bookmarklet to forward the current request to your device. You will be able to answer the authorization request from your mobile browser; without fearing any keylogger.

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